Improve health outcomes with better patient communications



of patients believe that mobile health solutions can convey significant health benefits


of patients contacted by WellSaid respond within a 48 hours of receiving a message


of UK adults, own or use a mobile phone capable of receiving SMS messages (Ofcom 2017)

Starting at £500 per quarter, including 500 messages

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Using WellSaid you can:

Gather Patient Feedback

Using short surveys to understand more about patient experiences.

Measure & Support Outcomes

Reminding patients to report outcomes and prompting behaviours.

Simplify Reporting & Decision

Automating reporting and analysis to support continuous improvement.

"WellSaid is proving to be invaluable in helping us to understand our patients better, improve our reporting and develop our service. The system is easy to use and takes minimal effort from the team to gather insightful views from patients. We plan to expand our use of the system to capture patient outcomes and experiences."

Dr Enzo di Battista

Lead Clinician

Adult Weight Management Service

Aneurin Bevan University Health Board

How it works

Gather Patient Consent

Gather Patient Consent.

WellSaid puts your patients in charge of consent at every step of engagement. Promoting trust through consistent and clear permissions. Ensuring your service meets UK legislation.

  • Opt-in via form or web
  • Opt-out at any time
  • Data stored securely to GDPR standards
Engage Groups Automatically

Engage Groups Automatically.

Build customised conversations and trigger them based on time or patient response. Then monitor your interactions, with a simple to learn dashboard and control panel.

  • Messages sent via SMS at ~4p message
  • Simple to learn interface
  • Customisable conversations
Improve Service Outcomes

Improve Service Outcomes.

Automatically analyse quantitative data and usage analytics. Export qualitative responses for further analysis and produce reports for management meetings.

  • Customisable dashboards
  • Exportable data
  • Printable reports

We can help you to boost your impact

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Starting at £500 per quarter

Includes 500 SMS messages

40% response rates from patients

Already used by NHS services

The Evidence Base

“89% of health care providers, 75% or patients and 73% of consumers, believe that mobile health solutions can convey significant health benefits to them”

Global study of perceptions of mobile solutions for healthcare in chronic disease (GSMA, 2012)

“Outcomes assessed...reported with text-messages on mobile phones or with questionnaires completed with pen and paper provide comparable scores. Further, the SMS method provided high response rates (> 97%) in a multicentre setting.”

Collection of patient-reported outcomes (Christie et al., 2014)

“Helping patients gain ownership and mastery of their health is a shift for doctors that requires positive attitudes about, and a deeper understanding of, the patient role, good communication skills and a willingness and ability to collaborate with patients.”

Supporting People to Manage Their Health (Hibbard et al., 2014)

Frequently Asked Questions

What technology do my patients/my service need?

Patients need a phone with the ability to send/receive SMS. Clinicians need access to email and a web browser.

What training is required for patients/staff?

Patients should require no support to use the system. Staff can be trained to use WellSaid in a single 10-minute session.

How long does it take to set up?

The most basic version of our system can be set-up within 24 hours of agreement. More advanced conversations may require additional time.

How much does it cost?

The basic version of WellSaid costs £500 p/quarter including 500 SMS messages. This includes 1 simple pre-set conversation for 1 group of users. More advanced conversations and multiple groups are quoted as required.

Who owns the data gathered?

Once a patient has granted consent for data to be collected WellSaid processes the data on their and your behalf. We also seek a limited licence to use the responses to improve our system over time, but data can be transferred or deleted at any point under your patients or your request.

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